Consignment HO North American

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Key Features

  • Fully assembled and ready to operate
  • Prototype specific details applied
  • Super detailed fuel tank
  • Sliding cab windows
  • Lost wax cast brass horns
  • Factory installed Celcon handrails
  • See-through radiator fans, dynamic intake grilles and exhaust stack
  • Equipped with Quick Plug DCC technology
  • Next-generation drive mechanism with hex drive lines
  • Directional headlights
  • Machined RP25 profile metal wheels
  • Magnetically operated knuckle couplers
In Stock

Prototype: The SD45 is a reliable, heavy-duty locomotive that has been utilized by many different North American railroads at one time or another since its 1965 introduction to the railroading scene. Noteworthy as the first diesel locomotive with an engine of more than 16 cylinders, EMD would eventually build 1260 of these 3600-horsepower road switcher units in less than six years!

This is sold AS IS on Consignment. The locomotive comes in its original box which is in great condition.

The consigner has added a new light board and snow plough

The following Road Numbers are available: 5495, 5496 and 5497. Please specify which road number you would like to purchase