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The ECoS (ESU Command Station) is so powerful and capable that many model railroaders would like to replace their present digital station with an ECoS. It is now possible to connect your controllers like Digitrax® and Uhlenbrock® handheld throttles directly to the ECoS, thanks to the ESU L.Net Converter. Additionally, you can continue to use your feedback devices which support the well-known Loconet® communication protocol

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SwitchPilot V3.0, accessory decoder for 4 twin coils magnetic, 2 x Servo, DCC/MM, 1A

SwitchPilot 3 decoders are optimized for stationary use on your system and can switch conventional double coil switch drives, light signals, magnetic uncouplers, light bulbs or other stationary consumption.In order to facilitate the rather cumbersome configuration of magnetic article decoders, the SwitchPilot 3 has an innovative operating concept consisting of a 4-line, illuminated OLED display and three input buttons..