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Diesel Freight Train Digital Starter Set | Trix

Article No. 11129 Train Set - N scale
MSRP $819.98 USD / $655.99 USD

German Federal Railroad (DB) freight train. Class V200.0 diesel locomotive, type Gr 20 boxcar, Uerdingen design 4-axle tank car with a brakeman's platform, type Ssym 46 heavy-duty flat car, and type Rmrs 31 low side car with stakes.

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Electric Freight Train Digital Starter Set | Trix

Article No. 11142 Train Set - N scale
MSRP $329.99 USD

French State Railways (Société Nationale des Chemins de Fer Français, SNCF) class 22200 electric locomotive. Two different French freight cars: 1 each type Rilns sliding tarp car, 1 each type Res 90 flat car loaded with 2 convertible truck transport units (registered in France).