TRIX C-track

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This set is the ideal way to start out in Digital Control (DCC). It includes a Trix mobile station control system which is easy to use and if you are using locomotives with MTX protocol the controller will automatically recognise the details of the locomotive (Name, Class, Image ect). All you need to do is add the locomotive.

  • 12 no. 62230 curved track,
  • 4 no. 62188 straight track,
  • 4 no. 62172 straight track.
  • The set includes a track connector box, a 36 VA / 120 volt switched mode power pack, and a Mobile Station for getting started digitally.
  • An illustrated instruction manual with many tips and ideas is also included.
This set can be expanded with the Trix C Track extension sets and with the entire Trix C Track program.