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The Olympian Hiawatha ran through scenic Idaho, Montana's Bitterroot Mountains and Washington's Cascade range. This was advertised as being a speedliner. The railroad contracted industrial designer Brooks Stevens to design the train consist, which included some unique and signature cars of the Milwaukee Road. In 1952, the first full-length "Super Dome" cars were added, which included 68 dome seats and 28 lounge seats. The dome area featured seats positioned lengthwise, facing the 625 square foot double-pane windows - ideal for sightseeing yet insulated for harsh weather. The Olympian Hiawatha was a favorite of many travelers during the post-war travel boom and continued to operate into 1961.

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20th Century Limited 9-Car Base Set
New York Central (Late 1940s 2-Tone Gray)

The Kato New York Central 20th Century Limited Nine-Car Passenger Set brings "the most famous train in the world" to your N Scale railroad. This train was typically hauled behind EMD E7 diesel locomotives dressed in the classy NYC Lightning Stripe scheme. The all-sleeper 20th Century Limited carried luxury travelers between New York and Chicago for over 60 years. This Kato N Scale rendition of the famous train is based on the train as it appeared from 1948 to 1954. 

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Prototype: German Railroad, Inc. (DB AG) class 150 heavy freight train locomotive. "Traffic Red" basic paint scheme. The largest type of the standard design electric locomotives from the new construction program of the Fifties. Rebuilt version with square corner Klatt vents, double lamps, and without a rain gutter. The locomotive looks as it did around 2000.

One-time series.