Z-scale is one of the smallest commercially available model railway scales (1:220), with a track gauge of 6.5 mm / 0.256 in. Introduced by Märklin in 1972,

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Prototype: 1 class 89 steam locomotive, 1 sliding wall boxcar, 1 low side car.

Model: The locomotive is constructed of metal and has a Christmas paint scheme. It has a 5-pole motor and all driving axles are powered. The sliding wall boxcar also has a Christmas paint scheme and there is an appropriate low side car in the set. There is also a kit for a "Christmas Stand" that can be put on the low side car after it (the kit) has been assembled.

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The "Little Devil" is now also available as a model. With its unmistakable design in the red "Zebra Look", the class 189 from RTC/Lokomotion absolutely makes a decorative piece on any layout when it is pulling a container train across the model railroad landscape. Visually a delight and removed by light years from the run-of-the-mill "Traffic Red" standard paint scheme.

Prototype: Rail Traction Company (RTC) class 189 fast freight locomotive. Multiple system locomotive with 4 pantographs, from the Siemens EuroSprinter family.

One-Time Production for the MHI