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Harry Potter Hogwarts Express | Hornby

Article No. R1234M Train Set - OO scale
MSRP $259.99 USD

Are you ready to attend Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry this year? The best way to get there is with the Hornby Hogwarts Express Train Set! In brilliant Hogwarts red and containing a DCC Ready 5972 locomotive with working headlight, plus two coaches, this set makes a perfect gift or addition for any Harry Potter fan!

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4-1/2 x 7-3/4' Setup Size - 26-3/8" 67cm Radius Curves
Walthers Part # 381-3105
HO scale, Retail: $180.00

Creates a basic oval made from 26 3/8" radius curves and includes both a rerailer and a Kato Power pack for an out-of-the-box operating track set. Just add locomotives and cars! The track is also just as suitable for a DCC controller and DCC locomotives whenever you are ready to migrate to DCC operations (Digital Command Control).

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84 x 45" (212.6cm x 114.2cm)
Walthers Part # 381-3115
HO scale, Retail: $97.00

The HV5 (previously the 3-102 basic track oval) creates a basic oval made from 21 5/8" track to fit within a 4'x8' space and includes a rerailer accessory, feeder track and power adapter cord to allow you to build a basic oval layout that can easily be powered and expanded upon.

DC or DCC: This HO Track Set is only the beginning of your HO scale UNITRACK layout! Experience the snap-together reliability and convenience of UNITRACK while enjoying the realistic appearance and texture of the molded roadbed. Each set can be used as packaged for the simplest of temporary single-track operation, or they can be combined with additional UNITRACK sections and turnouts to create a larger and more elaborate configuration. 

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This set is ideal for the younger locomotive engineer This child friendly set comes complete with a small diesel locomotive which is easy to put on the rails and three colourful wagons. The large oval of track will give your child hours of fun and it can be fully extended using the Piko track system.

The set also includes an easy to use controller and separate power supply. All of the wagons are equipped with high quality plastic wheel sets and are fully compatible with the entire Piko Ho range.


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Flyer Express Train Set - Canadian Pacific
Walthers Part # 931-1201
HO scale, Retail: $229.98

Start a lifetime of hobby fun with the Flyer Express HO starter set from WalthersTrainline! Built for years of service and designed to grow as interest grows, these complete starter sets are a perfect introduction to the fun of model trains

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WiFlyer Express Train Set - Sound and DCC - Canadian Pacific
Walthers Part # 931-1251
HO scale, Retail: $299.98

Take the right track to the future with the new WiFlyer Express HO starter set from WalthersTrainline! Delivering a perfect blend of hobby-quality trains and technology that'll appeal to kids of all ages, you run the train using most WiFi enabled Tablets, phones or other devices (required, not included)! For easy set-up and instant realism, there's a 38 x 54" (0.9 x 1.3m) oval of improved Power-Loc Track(TM) now with nickel silver rail, brown ties and gray roadbed (and we'll have more track available separately for future expansions!).