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Streaking through the golden wheat fields of central Canada is the Harvest Express. As it hauls colorful hoppers bursting with grain, its powerful EMD GP40 engine ensures a bountiful harvest is swiftly delivered across the vast Canadian landscape.
Ready to run set includes an EMD GP40 diesel with operating headlight and all-wheel drive, 3 Canadian 4-bay cylindrical grain hoppers, 47 x 38" snap-fit E-Z Track(R) oval, power pack, speed controller and illustration instruction manual.

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4-1/2 x 7-3/4' Setup Size - 26-3/8" 67cm Radius Curves
Walthers Part # 381-3105
HO scale, Retail: $180.00

Creates a basic oval made from 26 3/8" radius curves and includes both a rerailer and a Kato Power pack for an out-of-the-box operating track set. Just add locomotives and cars! The track is also just as suitable for a DCC controller and DCC locomotives whenever you are ready to migrate to DCC operations (Digital Command Control).

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Remote Control #4 Turnouts
Walthers Part # 381-3113
HO scale, Retail: $120.00

HV3 Interchange track set with #4 Electric Turnouts
This track assortment provides a crossover space for transitioning between two parallel tracks using #4 electric turnouts. Includes the necessary track sections as well as a #24-827 3-way extension cord and a turnout control switch.

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This set is ideal for the younger locomotive engineer This child friendly set comes complete with a small diesel locomotive which is easy to put on the rails and three colourful wagons. The large oval of track will give your child hours of fun and it can be fully extended using the Piko track system.

The set also includes an easy to use controller and separate power supply. All of the wagons are equipped with high quality plastic wheel sets and are fully compatible with the entire Piko Ho range.


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This set is the ideal way to start out in Digital Control (DCC). It includes a Trix mobile station control system which is easy to use and if you are using locomotives with MTX protocol the controller will automatically recognise the details of the locomotive (Name, Class, Image ect). All you need to do is add the locomotive.

  • 12 no. 62230 curved track,
  • 4 no. 62188 straight track,
  • 4 no. 62172 straight track.
  • The set includes a track connector box, a 36 VA / 120 volt switched mode power pack, and a Mobile Station for getting started digitally.
  • An illustrated instruction manual with many tips and ideas is also included.
This set can be expanded with the Trix C Track extension sets and with the entire Trix C Track program.

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Easy to set up and fun for the whole family, this Walthers Trainline HO Scale Ready-for-Fun Train Set includes everything you need for a great start in model railroading. Durable cars, locomotive, snap-together track; and speed and direction controller are all included. There's also a 60-minute DVD with tips for building your first layout. Trainline Ready-for-Fun Train Sets deliver reliable, expandable fun!