Märklin Start-Up HO

Märklin Start-Up HO

The Märklin Start up assortment is just right for getting started in the hobby of model trains. The affordable alternative to the Märklin advanced products offers all of the advantages and quality features that you would associate with the model train manufacturer Märklin with its rich tradition.

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My Start with Märklin: Getting started in the imaginative world of model trains from Märklin is done playfully with this set consisting of a tank locomotive and two freight cars. For this set impressively and thrillingly combines playing with the technical refinements of a model railroad.

Prototype: Tank locomotive, type Kklm 505 low side car to transport a bulldozer, and a dump car.

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Experience the fascinating world of the Märklin theme world of farming. Today we are out on the fields and the combines have already been at work since early in the morning. Additional farm machinery is brought up by the powerful switch engine without a minute to lose. The big railroad farming set with CLAAS farm machinery consists of a switch engine with two different size freight cars that can be loaded with everything you can think of thanks to the low side walls. 

Prototype: Fictitious CLAAS Henschel design class DHG 700 diesel switch engine and two low side cars painted and lettered for CLAAS. Low side cars loaded with different types of farm machines and vehicles.


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Prototype: German Railroad, Inc. (DB AG) type ARkimbz 266.7 Intercity Bistro car, 1st class.

InterCity Bistro car in the white/red paint scheme. Current-conducting car connections can be installed on this car, either the 7319 plug-in close coupling or the 72020/72021 operating close couplers.

You can make up a prototypical IC train with this car together with the 40500, 40501, and 40503 InterCity express train cars.

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Prototype: Krupp-Ardelt type crane car, crane tender car, and a container transport car with end walls, modern paint and lettering.

Model: The crane car has a superstructure that can be rotated, a movable boom, and a hand crane for the crane line. The crane tender car has a boom support. The container transport car is loaded with a 40 ft. container. The container can be removed and can be opened for loading. All of the cars have Relex couplers. Total length over the buffers 35.8 cm / 14-1/8".

This car set goes with the 29452 "Container Train" starter set and can also have the 78452 theme extension set, the 44700 car, and the 72452 container terminal added to it

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A Car and Many Endless Possibilities! Today the conductor for a passenger train and tomorrow perhaps the boss of a transshipment station. You build your cars the way you want. You have three different building sets in the Märklin building block set: a passenger car, a freight car, and a tank car. Completely built up out of peg/socket building blocks, it is great fun to rebuild this set constantly and to make new combinations with it. Who knows what you will build with it tomorrow!

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This is a four-axle car as a building block car with the car body of a mail car. The car is provided with common pegs that invite building with building blocks. A kit for a mail car is included with this model for the construction of the car body. This is a product of the brand LIGHT STAX and should not be confused with products of other manufacturers. The kit contains the blocks for the car body, the Mobile Power Unit, the building instructions that go with it, and stickers for fictitious car lettering. Light building blocks are included with the building blocks, and they light up individual details on the car. 

Other products for this theme can be found under item numbers 44734 and 44736. 

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This is a kit for converting C Track turnouts. It has a double solenoid mechanism with end shut-off contacts. It can be operated from a 72752 turnout control box with a feedback function or from a turnout installation Decoder1. This electric mechanism can be installed and connected on turnouts very easily without special tools. The mechanism sits hidden in the roadbed; below-baseboard mounting is not required. It is encapsulated against dirt and is protected against overloads with the end shut-off contacts.

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This single-track railroad grade crossing has half gates and is fully assembled. This grade crossing can be connected directly to C Track. The grade crossing has 2 solenoid activated gates with 2 red warning lights, which come on when the gates come down. This grade crossing is ready to be connected to the layout and features easy installation.

Contact track set: 3 straight tracks each 94.2 mm / 3-3/4".

Dimensions for each base half 137 x 95 mm / 5-3/8" x 3-3/4".