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The Siemens ACS-64, or Amtrak Cities Sprinter, is an electric locomotive designed by Siemens Mobility for use on the Northeast Corridor (NEC) and the Keystone Corridor in the northeastern United States. The design was based on locomotives Siemens created for use in Europe and Asia, but with changes to comply with American standards. The ACS-64 is built at the Siemens factory in Florin, California, located outside of Sacramento. The first 70 locomotives were built for Amtrak to replace the railroad's fleet of aging AEM-7 and unreliable HHP-8 locomotives. The first ACS-64 entered service in February 2014 and deliveries continued until August 2016. SEPTA Regional Rail in Southeastern Pennsylvania operates a fleet of 15 ACS-64s since August 2018, on the agency's commuter rail routes.

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Pennsylvania Railroad 4909 (5-Stripe, Tuscan)
Walthers Part # 381-1372006DCC
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Features of this model include a detailed, injection-molded body, five-pole motor with dual flywheels, all-driver electrical pickup, heavy die cast metal chassis, fine decoration, directional LED headlights and Kato magnetic knuckle couplers. This GG1 Electric is equipped with a TCS DCC decoder.