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GG1 Electric
Pennsylvania Railroad #4859 (5-Stripe, Brunswick Green)

This Kato N Scale GG1 Electric is based on the legendary locomotives built for the Pennsylvania Railroad beginning in the 1930s. The long-lived GG1 developed 4,600 horsepower and operated for the Pennsy in a variety of schemes and pulled legendary passenger trains like the Broadway Limited as well as long freights. Styled by noted industrial designer Raymond Loewy, their curved lines were instantly recognizable. GG1s served PRR and successors PC and CR as well as several commuter agencies with the last ones being retired in the late 1980s. 

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Siemens ACS-64 Amtrak | Kato

Article No. 137-3003 Electric Locomotive - N scale
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Prototype: The ACS-64 is a brand new electric locomotive from Kato, and is Amtrak's newest addition to its locomotive fleet for use in the electrified lines in the northeast. The N Scale ACS-64 features movable pantographs which lock into elevated and down positions, directional headlights, a brand new mechanism wrapped around Kato's legendary flywheel motor, and is geared so that it will match the speed of the GE P42 if modelers wish to run them together.