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This is a reproduction of the first H0 Gauge Crocodile prototype ever made at Märklin from 1936. The frame and body are constructed of die-cast zinc. Both trucks are powered with jackshafts and side rods. The locomotive has a factory-installed mfx decoder, so that it can be used on present day layouts. Sufficient clearance must be ensured due to the reproduction of this historic sample. The headlights change over with the direction of travel and will work in analog operation. There are sprung pantographs without an electrical function.

Length over the buffers 21 cm / 8-1/4". 

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Prototype: Dutch State Railways (NS) class 1200 electric locomotive. Road number 1220. The locomotive looks as it did in the mid-Seventies. Era IV

The class 1200 locomotives can be characterized by their side vents, which were used in three different versions. The purpose of these vents was on the one hand air to cool the traction motors and to allow drive train resistance, and the other to prevent too much dirt and dust getting into these motors. The six and two part air conditioning vents, which had replaced the original three, two, and single piece side vents starting in 1955, worked in one respect too well! They filtered the air so efficiently that the cleaning intervals became very short. In an extensive test procedure, the single piece vents "Krap and Lex" prevailed.

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Belgian Heavyweight

The land of beer and comics is the dreamland for the Vossloh G 2000 BB load hauler. This powerful diesel hydraulic locomotive in the rare variation of the Belgian State Railways (SNCB) in the light gray / green basic paint scheme with and umbra gray frame. Like its sibling locomotives it includes numerous highlights such as lighted cabs, mfx+ decoder, and extensive operating and sound functions.

Prototype: Class G 2000 BB Vossloh heavy diesel locomotive with symmetrical cabs. Locomotive owned by ATC AngelTrainsCargo, Antwerpen, leased as the class 57 to the Belgian State Railways (SNCB). Light gray / green basic paint scheme with an "Umbra Gray" frame. Road number 5704. The locomotive looks as it did around 2010.

One-Time Series

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Prototype: German Railroad, Inc. (DB AG) class 146.5 electric locomotive for long-distance service. Dual system locomotive from the TRAXX type program (P 160 AC2). Light gray long-distance paint scheme with traffic red decorative striping, in the current IC design. Locomotive for the train route: IC 2045 from Cologne to Dresden Main Station. Locomotive road number 146 572-3. The locomotive looks as it did around 2020.

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Prototype: Pennsylvania Railroad (PRR) class GG-1 heavy general-purpose locomotive. 4-6-6-4 wheel arrangement. Built by General Electric and Westinghouse. Version in an experimental silver paint scheme. The locomotive looks as it did around 1955.

Announced in 2017 / Released 2018

Collector Item: This is a BRAND NEW locomotive kept in safe storage in MINT CONDITION.

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In regularly scheduled use all over Germany, whether it was branch lines or main lines, whether it was freight or passenger trains.

Prototype: German Federal Railroad (DB) class 56.2-8 steam freight locomotive. Rebuilt Prussian G 8.1 with a pilot truck. German State Railroad lanterns on the locomotive and tender, without a bell. Type 3T 16,5 coal tender. Road number 56 814. The locomotive looks as it did starting in 1950 at the Nördlingen maintenance facility

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Märklin H0 - Article No. 37754
class El 12 heavy ore locomotive (NSB) weathered, Era IV

Prototype: Heavy ore locomotive as a 2-car rod electric locomotive class El 12 of the Norwegian State Railways (NSB). Used on the lulea - Kiruna - Narvik ore railway. Operating numbers 2113+2114. Olive green basic colour scheme, large headlamps, cab doors in old arrangement, large snow ploughs (Norrland ploughs) and spoke wheels. Operating condition around 1970. Authentic weathering. Era IV

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Prototype: German Federal Railroad (DB) class 50 steam freight locomotive, with a type 2´2´T26 standard design box-style coal tender as it originally looked. Witte smoke deflectors, 4 boiler domes, standard design cab, shortened running boards, DB Reflex glass lamps, and inductive magnets on both sides included. Locomotive road number 50 2640. The locomotive looks as it did around 1967. Era III

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Prototype: Class 41 steam freight locomotive with a tender. Older version painted and lettered for the German Federal Railroad (DB), with Witte smoke deflectors, older design boiler, type 2´2´T34 standard design tender, DB Reflex glass lamps, inductive magnet on one side, and buffer plate warning stripes. Road number 41 178. The locomotive looks as it did around 1965.

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Prototype: German Federal Railroad (DB) class 041 steam freight locomotive with a tender and coal firing. Rebuilt design version with new design high-performance boiler, type 2´2´T34 coal tender, Witte smoke deflectors, DB Reflex glass lamps, inductive magnet on one side, and buffer plate warning stripes. Road number 041 282-5. The locomotive looks as it did around 1969/70.

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The Class 66 on the HGK
Cologne Harbor and Freight Service, Inc. (HGK) Class 66 In 1999, the Cologne Harbor and Freight Service, Inc. (HGK) initially leased 2 locomotives as road numbers DE 61 and 62, which it then bought in 2000/01. Other units were available for lease so that the HGK (today RheinCargo, Inc. RCH) currently has a roster of nine units. Since the start of unit services, etc., tank car trains to Braunschweig, Ingolstadt, Marktredwitz, and Aichstetten are often powered the entire way with a class 66. These locomotives can also be seen pulling unit trains with different loads.

Prototype: Type JT42CWR diesel electric freight locomotive, better known as Class 66. Cologne Harbor and Freight Service, Inc. (HGK) diesel locomotive. The locomotive looks as it did in 2012. Era VI

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Between December 2008 and April 2010, the SNCF subsidiary "SNCF Fret Benelux" active for a short time in international freight service initially leased three class 66 locomotives with the road numbers 6601-6603 from "CBRail Leasing" at that time. Road numbers 6604-6606 were occasionally added to the roster. These units were used in Belgium, the Netherlands, France, and Germany mostly pulling container, tank car, and other unit trains. All of this only lasted a short time, because the foreign business for SNCF Fret Benelux went in the spring of 2010 into the newly established "CapTrain", in which several railroad companies were merged

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Prototype: French East Railroad (EST) class 13 (241-A) heavy express train steam locomotive with a tender. Black basic paint scheme with a black frame. Version as a locomotive for the "EDELWEISS" express train passenger car set. Changes to the smoke deflectors specific to the type. Dual headlights with kerosene lamps, with one lamp above and one lamp below. Road number EST 241 004. The locomotive looks as it did around 1931.

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Prototype: Class 498.1 heavy express train steam locomotive with a tender. Version as museum locomotive road number 498.104 of the Železnice Slovenskej Republiky (ŽSR) / Slovak Republic Railways. The locomotive looks as it currently does in real life, i.e. as the operational locomotive currently based in Bratislava.