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Prototype: German State Railroad (DRG) class ET 194 (former LAG 895) electric powered rail car. "Bottle Green" basic paint scheme. Road number ET 194 11. A pot container car with twelve pot containers and a brakeman's cab painted and lettered for the firm Kali-Chemie / Potash Chemical AG Berlin, used on the German State Railroad. A type Ghs Oppeln boxcar, welded design without a hand brake or a brakeman's cab. Era II

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Märklin H0 track system - Article No. 37784: mfx+ decoder
The "RailBow" - ICE 3 Powered Rail Car Train, Class 403 DBAG

This Message Matters: Tolerance for All Views!
This has caused a great response: On July 9, 2021, the DB sent an ICE 3 – the Tz 304 powered rail car train "München" with the two powered end cars, road numbers 403 022-7 and 403 504-4 – out on to the rails. The railroad wants to set an example with this for diversity and tolerance, for collective respect and trust, and for respectful contact with the diversity of all human beings. This powered rail car train is running in the rotational schedule of the ICE 3 and as the "Railbow ICE" is thereby carrying a quite special message all over Germany.

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Prototype: French State Railways (SNCF) TGV Duplex V 150 (train à grande vitesse) high-speed train, in the version for service and composition as a 5-part powered rail car train for the world record run on April 3, 2007. 1 powered end car (TK2), 1 transition car (R8), 1 intermediate car (R4), 1 transition car (R1), 1 powered end car (TK1). Double anti-roll shock absorbers on the trucks, powered end car TK2 without a pantograph on the roof, altered cab windows, and a one-piece hood. Only powered end car TK1 equipped with a pantograph. Powered rail car train road number 4402. The train looks as it did in 2007.

One-time edition limited worldwide to 3,000 powered rail car trains.

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Märklin | H0 scale (1:87) | Märklin track system | power railcar

Class ICM-1 "Koploper" (NS) Electric Rail Car Train

Prototype: Dutch State Railways (NS) class ICM-1 three-part "Koploper" Intercity electric rail car train. Yellow/blue basic paint scheme in the standard version. 1 motor car as a type mBk end car, 2nd class, 1 type AB intermediate car, 1st/2nd class, 1 type sBk cab control car as an end car, 2nd class. Train destination sign: Hoek van Holland. Train road number 4237. The train looks as it did in Era IV, as delivered from 1984 to 1988.

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The Northlander – a Märklin Legend
The real life prototype was built in 1957 in Europe as a first class TEE and ran starting in 1978 from Toronto in Canada up to the high North. Märklin presented a limited special model in the same year, a model subsequently reaching sensational collector prices. In 1998, five Northlander cars came back to Europe. Märklin supported this spectacular promotion and finally ranked the train in the gallery of the most striking Märklin prototypes. This new, finely detailed Insider model is updating this incredible, European-Canadian story in a perfect manner.

2024 one-time series only for Insider members
Märklin models for club members - Märklin Insider Club

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Prototype: Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) EC 250 electric high-speed rail car train as the class RABe 501 "Giruno". 1 type A (Bt1) end car, 2nd class. 1 type F (B7) intermediate car, 2nd class, with handicapped entries and a pantograph. 1 type G (WR6) intermediate car, with a dining area. 1 type H (A5) intermediate car, 1st class, with handicapped entries and a pantograph. 1 type L (At2) end car, 1st class. In use as a multi-system powered rail car train between the Zürich Airport and Basle as well as across the Alps through the Gotthard Basis Tunnel to Milan. Permission planned for use in Germany and Austria. The train looks as it did in 2021. Era VI

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Märklin H0 track system - Article No. 43724
ICE 4 Class 412/812 (DB AG) Powered Railcar Train - AD-ON SET

Prototype: Add-on cars for the German Railroad, Inc. (DB AG) ICE 4 high-speed train, class 412/812. 1 type MW 1 intermediate car, class 812, 1st class. 1 type TW 1.2 intermediate car, class 412, 1st class. 1 type MW 2.2-HP intermediate car, class 812, 2nd class. Add-on to the powered railcar train 9010 as ICE 786, for the train route Munich Main Station – Würzburg Main Station – Fulda – Hamburg-Altona. The cars look as they did in 2019. Era VI

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Prototype: German Federal Railroad (DB) 6-axle railroad rotary crane car with Ardelt system steam propulsion with a lifting capacity of 57 metric tons, with a crane tender car (converted from a type Rms Stuttgart car) and an equipment car. "Bottle Green" paint scheme for the steam crane. Road number "München 6664". The cars look as they did around 1958.