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Prototype:Different versions of the German Federal Railroad (DB) type Kmmks 51 sliding roof gondola. Short version without a brakeman's platform and without a brakeman's cab. As well as a long version with a brakeman's platform or with a brakeman's cab. The cars look as they did around 1960.

Model:Selection of the short version without a brakeman's platform, the version with a brakeman's platform, and the version with a sheet metal brakeman's cab are subject to availability. All of the cars have different car numbers. The roofs can be opened on all of the cars. Each car comes individually packaged in a marked box.
Length over the buffers for each car 11.5 cm / 4-1/2" or 12.2 cm / 4-13/16".
DC wheel set for each car 2 x 700580.

NOTE: This item is sold as PER CAR not as a SET

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Prototype: German State Railroad (DRG) class ET 194 (former LAG 895) electric powered rail car. "Bottle Green" basic paint scheme. Road number ET 194 11. A pot container car with twelve pot containers and a brakeman's cab painted and lettered for the firm Kali-Chemie / Potash Chemical AG Berlin, used on the German State Railroad. A type Ghs Oppeln boxcar, welded design without a hand brake or a brakeman's cab. Era II

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Prototype: Twelve German Federal Railroad (DB) type Fad 155 (former OOtz 41) "Erz IIId" four-axle hopper cars. Version with a high upper hopper, two unloading hatches per side, and end brakeman's platforms. Used to transport iron ore. Standard design welded pressed sheet metal trucks, with girders welded in place as reinforcement. The cars look as they did at the end of the Sixties. Era IV

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A model based entirely on a design study from the Fifties. If it has been up to the graphics artists in the Fifties, the CALTEX logo would have adorned every tank car for the American petroleum oil and energy company Chevron Corporation. However, it only remained as a design suggestion.

Prototype: Four-axle standard design tank car, used on the Dutch Railways (NS). Older type with pressed sheet metal trucks and a brakeman's platform. Privately owned car painted and lettered for the firm Caltex Petroleum Maatschappij, Netherlands N.V with a fictitious design from the Fifties. The car looks as it did in the Mid-Fifties. Era III

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Prototype: 2 four-axle type Res low side cars with ribbed steel side walls and stakes that can be turned down. Freight car of Trenitalia, a subsidiary of the Italian State Railroad (FS). European standard design with a length of 19.90 meters / 65 feet 3-7/16 inches. Each car loaded with rolls of wire. The cars look as they did around 2017. Era VI

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Prototype: Set consisting of two type Sddkmss deep well flat cars for T.R.W. Brussels, Belgium in traffic blue basic paint scheme and one type Sdgkkmss deep well flat cars for Rail Cargo Austria in mahogany brown basic paint scheme. Flat cars for transporting containers, interchangeable truck units, or semi-truck rigs. Each loaded with a curtain tarp semi-truck rig for the freight forwarder LKW Walter. The cars look as they did starting in 2009. Era VI

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Prototype: 2 different type Shimmns short four-axle sliding tarp cars for the firm AAE, leased to Green Cargo, registered in Sweden. The cars look as they did around 2011.

Model: Both cars have closed tarps. They also have type Y 25 welded trucks. Both cars have different car numbers and are individually packaged. There is also a master package. Length over the buffers per car 13.8 cm / 5-7/16". DC wheel set per car E700580.

One-Time Series

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Prototype: 2 type Ibblps 379 two-axle refrigerator cars with insulated, smooth side walls and an ice hatch with an icing platform at both ends of each car. German Federal Railroad (DB) refrigerator cars, leased to the firm Transthermos GmbH, Bremen, Germany. Truck as a refrigerated semi-truck rig painted and lettered for the firm Transthermos.

One-Time Series

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Prototype: Type Sggrss 80 (DB Type Sggrss 733) 6-axle double container transport car with articulation, for combined load service. "Traffic Red" basic paint scheme. German Railroad, Inc. (DB AG), registered in Germany. Loaded with a 40-foot box container and a 20-foot box container. The car looks as it currently does in real life. Era VI.