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PIKO Smart Measure Car | Piko

Article No. 55050 Digital Car - HO scale

The PIKO H0 measuring trolley represents an absolute innovation in the model railway sector! Finally, it is possible to measure a complete system - and this exactly to the centimeter as well as to the permille!

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Prototype: 2 German Railroad, Inc. (DB AG) type Sgns 691 four-axle flat cars for containers. "Traffic Red" basic paint scheme. Each car loaded with 4 WoodTainer XS Containers with covers, lettered for the Austrian firm Innofreight, A-8600 Bruck an der Mur, Austria. Container volume 24 cubic meters / 858.15 cubic feet for optimal transport of bulk freight in terms of weight. The cars and containers look as they currently do in real life in 2010.

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Prototype: 2 x 6 Swedish State Railways (SJ) three-axle ore cars in a brown basic paint scheme, for use on the ore line Lulea - Kiruna - Narvik. Type Mas IV, with a brakeman's platform and a brake wheel. The cars look as they did around 1970.

These two sets - 24237 (6 cars) and 24238 (6 cars) - are reserved for the customer also buying the TRIX 22273 (HO) Reihe Dm3, SJ Heavy Ore Locomotive -- DCC Sound

NOTE: These cars are NOT for sale without the locomotive. However, you may buy the locomotive without the cars.

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Prototype: The car has a closed tarp and separately applied grab irons. The trucks are type Y 25. Length over the buffers approximately 13.8 cm / 5-7/16".

AC wheelset E700150.

Another sliding tarp car with a different car number can be found in the Märklin H0 assortment under item number 47226 with information about the necessary exchange wheelsets.

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Prototype: 3-seat class KLV 04 "enclosed" district inspector's gang car. Production of different versions of these vehicles as successors to the class KLV 01 was started in the Forties. The class KLV 04 was available as the type C3 (with a relatively large storage area) with a permanent superstructure and with a hinged roof, i.e. as a convertible, which was later rebuilt in part to a permanent superstructure due to the limited life span of the folding roof. The class KLV 04 was equipped with a 2-cylinder, 2-cycle motor and often had a 10 liter / approximately 2.5 gallon gasoline tank.

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Prototype: Two-axle type Pwg freight train baggage car, with advertising lettering on the sides. Bottle green basic paint scheme as a privately owned car for the firm Carl Zeiss, Oberkochen, Germany, used on the German Federal Railroad (DB). One Volkswagen T1 Bulli automobile with a flatbed and a tarp as a company car for the firm Carl Zeiss. The railroad car and the vehicle look as they did around 1960.

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Prototype: Type Sggrss 80 (AAE Type S119) 6-axle double container transport car with articulation, for combined load service. Light gray basic paint scheme. Privately owned car for the firm AAE Cargo AG, CH-Baar, Switzerland, leased to BoxXpress, Hamburg, registered in Germany. Loaded with a 40-foot box container and a 20-foot box container. The car looks as it currently does in real life. Era VI

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Prototype: 5 different design German Federal Railroad (DB) freight cars. 1 type Pwg freight train baggage car with a cupola (type Pwg Pr 14). 1 type Omm 34 (former type Ommu Klagenfurt) high-side gondola. 1 type Gmrs 30 (former type Grhs Oppeln, still with the ID markings for the DR Brit-US Zone) boxcar. 1 type G München (still with the ID markings for the DR French Zone) boxcar. 1 type G 10 boxcar. The cars look as they did around 1954. Era III

NOTE: This car set will only be sold together with the E 71.1 locomotive (25771). However, the locomotive can be bought without buying the car set.