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4 axle telescopic hood wagon of the VTG, in service as a private wagon at the Deutsche Bahn (DB). The wagons are intended for the goods traffic via the ferry to Great Britain and are therefore built to comply with the smaller British clearance gauge. They bear the lettering "VTG Ferrywagon". Operation condition: 1980s.


NEM shaft 362 with close coupling mechanism

AC Wheel set Article number 40196

Length over buffer: 230 mm

consignment item: AS-IF-NEW

MSRP: € 64,90 incl. VAT (DE)

Original Item Box: very good condition

Prototype: HUOAC AG standard pocket wagon, used by the Swiss Federal Railways (SBB), company number 83 85 475 4 584-1 P.

Model: Gray. 4 axes. Short coupling linkages with standard shaft. Ironing couplings. Length over the buffers 18.9 cm. Loaded with 2 interchangeable beds. Removable tarpaulin. Inscription: 'three'. Accessories are included.

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