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MSRP 279,99 € (incl. tax)

The model of the BR 440 in the decor of the Mainfrankenbahn is based on a precisely manufactured die-cast frame, has two motors with two flywheels each, impresses with filigree roof equipment, lighting with LEDs with light changes white / red, standard switchable interior lighting and electrically conductive couplings. The model is prepared for digital operation (PluX) and sound.

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MSRP 199,99 € (incl. tax)

This PIKO Model of the NS 1222 features fine molded and applied detailing prototypical to the locomotive. This includes highly detailed roof with electrical arrangements and the pantographs. 

The Model has been equipped with a Next18 interface. The red/white head/tail light will change with the direction of travel. Two wheels have traction tyres in a diagonal arrangement for optimum traction. The PIKO Model has excellent running characteristics and can easily operate through radii down to 192 mm. In addition, the Model is prepared for installation of a DCC Sound Decoder and a loudspeaker and will in DCC operations also provide additional control of the light system of the locomotive.

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MSRP 209,99 € (incl. tax)

The PIKO model of the cult locomotive V 200.1 as class 221 in epoch IV version for use in front of people and freight trains convinces with a successful presentation of the beefy front shape, sharp engravings, fine mesh and exhaust vent replicas on the roof as well as detailed bogies with many details. A powerful, smooth-running motor that drives all four axes ensures excellent driving characteristics of the contemporary model. 

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The shape, color and printing of the PIKO N model of the bulk goods wagon is exactly based on the model of the Transwagon folding. In addition to the reliably functioning close coupling linkages for block train use, the model has all the details of the prototype true to the prototype, with the handle bars, handwheels and brakeman's platforms being separated in the required filigree design and thus free-standing.

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DB Sgns Container Flat Car | Trix

Article No. 15530, 15531 Freight Cars - N scale
MSRP $44.99 USD

German Railroad, Inc. (DB AG) type Sgns four-axle container flat car. "Traffic red" basic paint scheme. Loaded with 4 type XS WoodTainer containers with covers, containers lettered for the Austrian firm Innofreight, A-8600 Bruck an der Mur. Container volume 24 cubic meters / 847.55 cubic feet, for optimal weight when transporting bulk freight. The car looks as it did in 2010.

Item Number Road Number
15530 455 6 029
15531 455 6 075
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Ship Equipment Freight Car Set | Trix

Article No. 15094 Freight Car Set - N scale
MSRP 149,99 € (incl. Tax) / $169.99 USD

Prototype: 1 type O 11 gondola with a load of ships rope, 1type SSw 07 heavy-duty flat car with a load of a ships propeller, 1 type G 02 boxcar, and 1 Löwenbräu refrigerator car. All of the cars were used on the German Federal Railroad (DB).

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DB Freight Transport 3 Car Set | Trix

Article No. 15303 Freight Cars - N scale
MSRP $119.99 USD

1 pressurized gas tank car painted and lettered for the firm Hoyer in Visselhövede, 1 type Rils 652 sliding tarp car painted and lettered for the firm OnRail, 1 type Sgns flat car for container transport painted and lettered for German Railroad, Inc. (DB Schenker).

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IC2 Bi-Level Car 3 Piece Set | Trix

Article No. 15385 Passenger Cars - N scale
MSRP 199,99 € (incl. Tax) /  $239.99 USD

Inspired by the type DApza 687.2 IC 2 bi-level intermediate car, 1st class, the type DBpbzfa 668.2 IC 2 bi-level cab control car, 2nd class, and the type DBpza 682.2 IC 2 bi-level intermediate car, 2nd class, all painted and lettered for the German Railroad, Inc. (DB AG). Train route: IC 2035 from Norddeich to Leizpig Hbf.

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DB Regional Express Passenger Car Set 3 Pieces | Trix

Article No. 15392 Passenger Cars - N scale
MSRP $179.99 USD

Three German Railroad, Inc. (DB AG) commuter cars. 1 type BDnrzf car, cab control car as a tooling change, without a baggage area. 1 type ABn car, 1st and 2nd class. 1 type Bn car, 2nd class. Use: Regional express service on the route Kiel-Neumünster-Hamburg.

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DB VTG/On Rail Chlorine Gas Tank Car 10 Piece Set | Trix

Article No. 15414 Freight Cars - N scale
MSRP $329.99 USD

Prototype: 4 type Rens four-axle low side cars with stakes. Privately owned cars of the firm AAE Cargo AG, Zug, Switzerland, leased to the firm Awilog Transport GmbH, Oberriexingen. European standard design with a length of 19.90 meters / 65 feet 3-7/16 inches. Each low side car is loaded with 7 dumping hoppers with tarps for the firm Awilog. The cars look as they did around 2009.

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DB Sgns Container Flat Car | Trix

Article No. 15518 Freight Car - N scale
MSRP $44.99 USD

German Railroad, Inc. (DB AG) type Sgns four-axle container flat car. "Traffic red" basic paint scheme. Loaded with 3 type XXL WoodTainers, containers lettered for the Austrian firm Innofreight, A-8600 Bruck an der Mur. High-capacity containers with a volume of 46 cubic meters / 1,624.48 cubic feet. The car looks as it did around 2009.

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Bavarian Express Train 6 Car Set | Trix

Article No. 15800 Passenger Cars - N scale
MSRP $439.98 USD / 351.99 USD

6 different express train passenger cars for the Royal Bavarian State Railways (K.Bay.Sts.B.) and the Compagnie International des Waggons Lits / International Sleeping Car Company (CIWL) . 1 type PPü express train baggage car for the K.Bay. Sts.B., 1 type ABBü express train passenger car, 1st/2nd class, for the K.Bay.Sts.B., 2 type CCü express train passenger cars, 3rd class, 1 heavy 6-axle dining car and 1 heavy 6-axle sleeping car with teakwood bodies luxurious equipment for the CIWL.

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Class BB 15000 Electric Locomotive | Trix

Article No. 16006 Electric Locomotive - N scale
MSRP 209,99 € (incl. Tax) / $229.99 USD

Prototype: French State Railroad (SNCF) fast general-purpose locomotive, road number BB 15061, "Sarrebourg". General-purpose locomotive for the alternating current network in France (25 kilovolts, 50 Hertz). Version in contemporary TEE paint scheme.

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Class 232 Ludmilla Diesel Locomotive | Trix

Article No. 16233 Steam Locomotive - HO scale
MSRP 199,99 € (incl. Tax) / $219.99 USD

Prototype: German Railroad, Inc. (DB AG) diesel locomotive, road number 232 365-7, C-C wheel arrangement, built starting in 1974 in the USSR for the German State Railroad (DR/GDR), nicknamed "Ludmilla". Starting in 1992 re-motored at Cottbus for passenger service at speeds of 140 km/h / 87 mph. Use: Heavy passenger and freight trains.

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Class 750/753/754 Diving Goggles Diesel Locomotive | Trix

Article No. 16731 Diesel Locomotive - N scale
MSRP 279,99 € (incl. Tax) / $309.99 USD

Prototype: Czechoslovakian State Railroad (ČSD) road number T 478.3189 general-purpose locomotive. Its striking looks have earned it the nickname "Diving Goggles" or "Cobra" (Brejlovec). Built starting in 1970. Diesel electric drive with the type ČKD K 12 V 230 DR motor.

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Class 189 ES 64 F4 Electric Locomotive | Trix

Article No. 16891 Electric Locomotive - N scale
MSRP 179,90 € (incl. Tax) / $209.99 USD

Prototype: Class 189 multi-system electric locomotive, road number 501, NVR number 91 80 6189 820-4 D-LOCON, painted and lettered for LOCON AG. Builder's designation ES 64 F4. B-B wheel arrangement. Built starting in 2002. This locomotive has authorization to operate in these countries: D, NL, AT, CH, IT, SI, HR. Use: Cross-border fast freight trains.