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The PIKO model of the cult locomotive V 200.1 as class 221 in epoch IV version for use in front of people and freight trains convinces with a successful presentation of the beefy front shape, sharp engravings, fine mesh and exhaust vent replicas on the roof as well as detailed bogies with many details. A powerful, smooth-running motor that drives all four axes ensures excellent driving characteristics of the contemporary model. 

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This PIKO Model of the NS 1222 features fine molded and applied detailing prototypical to the locomotive. This includes highly detailed roof with electrical arrangements and the pantographs. 

The Model has been equipped with a Next18 interface. The red/white head/tail light will change with the direction of travel. Two wheels have traction tyres in a diagonal arrangement for optimum traction. The PIKO Model has excellent running characteristics and can easily operate through radii down to 192 mm. In addition, the Model is prepared for installation of a DCC Sound Decoder and a loudspeaker and will in DCC operations also provide additional control of the light system of the locomotive.