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The LGV Sud-Est line from Paris to Lyon is the most heavily loaded high-speed line in France and has almost reached its capacity limit since its opening in 1981. That was the idea for the TGV Duplex, where passengers should sit on two levels. This increased passenger capacity by 45% compared to a one-story TGV of the same length. As with all other TGV train types, two TGV duplex train units can be paired. With the duplex began the third generation of French high-speed trains. With two seating levels and a capacity of 545 seats per train, the Duplex offers the highest seating capacity of all TGV trainsets.

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TGV Duplex Lyria 10-Car - French National Railways SNCF (white, gray, black, red)

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TGV trains are operated by the joint venture of SNCF France and Switzerland Federal Railroad (SBB) Lyria (Lilia), commercialization. Lyria trains is Frances Switzerland trains, connecting all over Switzerland (Geneva, Lausanne, Berne and Zurich) in France (Paris-Lyon Station). Please visit WIKIPEDIA for more information.

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MSRP 520506: $699.95 CAD

MSRP 520008: $199.95 CAD

The UAC TurboTrain was an early high-speed, gas turbine train manufactured by United Aircraft that operated in Canada between 1968 and 1982 and in the United States between 1968 and 1976. Amtrak disposed of the trains in 1980. It was one of the first gas turbine powered trains to enter service for passenger traffic, and was also one of the first tilting trains to enter service in North America.

RAPIDO 520506 and 520008 is only sold together as one COMPLETE SET. This 5-car set plus the 4-car add-on set make up a prototypical train

  • 520506: PCD-27 – IC-31 – IC-30 – IC-33 – PDC-26 (5-Cars; main set with DCC/Sound)
  • 520008: IC-31 – IC-30 – IC-35 – IC-33 (4-Cars; Ad-On-Set)