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MSRP 520506: $699.95 CAD

MSRP 520008: $199.95 CAD

The UAC TurboTrain was an early high-speed, gas turbine train manufactured by United Aircraft that operated in Canada between 1968 and 1982 and in the United States between 1968 and 1976. Amtrak disposed of the trains in 1980. It was one of the first gas turbine powered trains to enter service for passenger traffic, and was also one of the first tilting trains to enter service in North America.

RAPIDO 520506 and 520008 is only sold together as one COMPLETE SET. This 5-car set plus the 4-car add-on set make up a prototypical train

  • 520506: PCD-27 – IC-31 – IC-30 – IC-33 – PDC-26 (5-Cars; main set with DCC/Sound)
  • 520008: IC-31 – IC-30 – IC-35 – IC-33 (4-Cars; Ad-On-Set)

ON SALE: it is like getting the Ad-On Set for FREE!!!