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EMD SDP40F Type IV -- Standard DC
Burlington Northern Santa Fe #6976 (Maersk Warbonnet; blue, silver, black)
Walthers Part # 381-1769241
N scale, Retail: $125.00 USD

2 sets: Gunderson Maxi-I 5-Unit Double-Stack Well Car with 10 40' Containers 
Maersk #100008 and # 100010 (blue, white, black w/silver Maersk Containers)

Walthers Part # 381-1066190 and 381-1066191
N scale, Retail: $150.00 USD /each set

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Join Kato in celebrating Amtrak’s 40th Anniversary with an N scale model of one of Amtrak’s own tribute locomotives – the GE P42 “Genesis”#66, painted in a special Phase II Heritage scheme as part of Amtrak’s own birthday celebration. The sharply painted Phase II Stripes down the side of the locomotive are adorned with the dates of Amtrak’s “birth” (1971) and this year, while the locomotives use the Amtrak logo that would have been in use during the Phase II era.