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Die-cast version of the NIAG bulk freight car in Ep. VI. In addition to reliably functioning close coupler couplers for unit train use, the model has all of the prototypical details, whereby the grab irons, hand wheels, and brakeman´s platforms are separately applied in the required filigree design and are thus free-standing. PIKO offers the detailed model with regard to the preferred use in through block trains at the usual, optimal price-performance ratio. Technically-constructively, the model corresponds to #40710.

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The shape, color and printing of the PIKO N model of the bulk goods wagon is exactly based on the model of the Transwagon folding. In addition to the reliably functioning close coupling linkages for block train use, the model has all the details of the prototype true to the prototype, with the handle bars, handwheels and brakeman's platforms being separated in the required filigree design and thus free-standing.

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Ship Equipment Freight Car Set | Trix

Article No. 15094 Freight Car Set - N scale
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Prototype: 1 type O 11 gondola with a load of ships rope, 1type SSw 07 heavy-duty flat car with a load of a ships propeller, 1 type G 02 boxcar, and 1 Löwenbräu refrigerator car. All of the cars were used on the German Federal Railroad (DB).

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DB VTG/On Rail Chlorine Gas Tank Car 10 Piece Set | Trix

Article No. 15414 Freight Cars - N scale
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Prototype: 4 type Rens four-axle low side cars with stakes. Privately owned cars of the firm AAE Cargo AG, Zug, Switzerland, leased to the firm Awilog Transport GmbH, Oberriexingen. European standard design with a length of 19.90 meters / 65 feet 3-7/16 inches. Each low side car is loaded with 7 dumping hoppers with tarps for the firm Awilog. The cars look as they did around 2009.

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DB Sgns Container Flat Car | Trix
Article No. 18490 Freight Cars - N scale

Type Sgnss four-axle container transport car, painted and lettered for HUPAC S.A. (Chiasso, Switzerland). Two 20-foot tank containers with continuous support and protection frames, painted and lettered for the firm Bertschi (Dürrenäsch, Switzerland).

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TRIX | N-scale (1:160) | freight cars

Prototype: One type Sgns 694 container transport car loaded with two 20-foot "MSC" containers, one type Sdkms 707 deep-well flat car loaded with a semi-truck rig for "Hamburger Spedition" (Hamburg Freight Forwarders), and one type Rs 684 flat car loaded with a 40-foot sea container for combined load service on the German Federal Railroad (DB). The cars and loads look as they did around 1988.