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The model of the BR 440 in the decor of the Mainfrankenbahn is based on a precisely manufactured die-cast frame, has two motors with two flywheels each, impresses with filigree roof equipment, lighting with LEDs with light changes white / red, standard switchable interior lighting and electrically conductive couplings. The model is prepared for digital operation (PluX) and sound.

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Class CC6500 Electric, Grand-Comfort 1st Class Coach & Diner Set, 7 Pieces | Trix

Article No. 16611, 15691, 15692 Electric Locomotive and Passenger Cars - N scale
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This set includes the following combination:

  • 1x 16611 class CC6500 SNCF Electric Locomotive
  • 2x 15691 2 sets: 2 Grand-Comfort cars; open seating, 1st class (total 4 cars)
  • 1x 15692 2 Grand-Comfort cars; 1 open seating car with a baggage compartment, 1st class, and 1 dining car

SNCF TEE Capitole train set: locomotive and 6 cars.

Locomotive Prototype: French State Railways (SNCF) class CC6500. C-C wheel arrangement, built starting in 1970. Use: Fast passenger trains such as the "CAPITOLE".