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For 933-2851, 2859, 2860 and 2618 Turntables Only (Each Sold Separately)
Walthers Part # 933-2320
HO scale, Retail: $49.98

The Walthers Cornerstone Turntable Control Box allows you to expand operations of your HO or N Scale Cornerstone Motorized Turntable up to four remote locations. This add-on control box is designed for use with the turntables as noted above. It can be used on layouts running on DC or DCC train control and provides simple operation and programming with programmable indexing for up to 99 different tracks, one-touch 180-degree bridge rotation in either direction and a simplified LED display with adjustable brightness.

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Walthers Part # 933-2602
N scale, Retail: $17.98

Make any siding safer with Walthers Cornerstone N Scale Track Bumpers! Big steel bumpers like this have protected industrial sidings and station platforms for decades by preventing cars from running off the end of the tracks. These bumpers come fully assembled making them a snap to add to your steam or diesel-era scenes. Each set comes with five matching track bumpers that are easily installed on all brands of track.