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45' Corrugated Container 3-Pack (HO) Atlas

NYK - Set #1: 457606, 457105, 457692 ( blue, white)

NYK - Set #2: 458333, 458989, 459292 (blue, white)

ATLAS no. WALTHERS no. Stock Status
20 005 732 / 150- 20005732 Set #1
20 005 733 / 150- 20005733 Set #2 sold out

The development of shipping containers reached a turning point in the late 1970s when standardization began to take place. Prior to this time numerous designs and sizes of containers were seen throughout the world. The true intermodal era began in the 1980s with the expanding world economy, Panama Canal ship size restrictions, intermodal railway car (wagon) designs and the setting of ISO standards for international shipping containers.

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Walthers Part # 933-3119
HO scale
Download the Instruction Sheet (544 K bytes, PDF format)

Add detail to backshop scenes or loads to flatcars and trucks with the Walthers Cornerstone HO Scale EMD 567 Prime Mover kit. This styrene kit is easy to build, and makes a great detail out on the shop floor or as a flatcar load. The EMD 567 Prime Mover kit is one of many Walthers HO Scale detailing parts.

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WALTHERS SceneMaster | HO-scale |

40' Hi-Cube Corrugated-Side Container
Ocean Network Express - ONE (white, magenta)

This Walthers SceneMaster HO Scale 40' Hi-Cube Corrugated-Side Container will add a modern touch to your intermodal terminals, highway scenes and railroad operations. Ready for service on your layout as loads for WalthersProto and WalthersMainline well cars and container flatcars,