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The set includes:

  • T16 class 0-10-0 tank Steam Locomotive in KPEV green livery #8177 
  • Baggage car #3120
  • 2 Compartment cars 3./4. Class #2522 and #2532
  • 3rd class compartment car #2361
  • Mail car #2678

This set is AS IS sold on Consignment, but has never been driven and is in As New condition from 1981. It comes in its original packaging

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The set includes:

  • Tender locomotive #4800
  • Baggage car #5800
  • Compartment car 1./2. Class #5802
  • 3rd class compartment car 5801
  • Mail car #5803 

Analog set. All wagons are equipped with interior lighting

This set is sold on Consignment, but has never been driven and is in As New condition from 1984. The cars come in their original packaging

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The Model:

With interior fittings. Super-detailling, -livery and -lettering. Inset windows. The coach is equipped ready to install interior lighting. Epoch III.

Based on:

The 4-axled Prussian compartment coaches with their accompanying post and baggage coaches still remained in service for a few more years, although without a DB logo. Only the baggage coach received the DB plaque because it remained in service longer than the passenger coaches. The compartment coaches correspond to Epoch III with electrical lighting (Battery boxes, generator and no gas vents) as well as the altered air ventilators on the roof.

This is sold AS IS on Consignment. The car comes in its original box which is in good condition

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8-axled low-floor wagon for heavy goods vehicle transport, type Saadkms.690 of the DB. Overall length: 232 mm. Super-detailling, -livery and -lettering. This wagon serves as an end wagon and is fitted with 2 removeable PROFI-couplings (exchange options are included: 2 x 38 6002 and one low-floor coupling to the centre wagons). Removeable buffer beams at each end. Epoch V.

Dimensions: 232mm

This is a Consignment item, but has never been used. Comes in original packaging

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