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HO GP40-2, CPR #4616


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The EMD GP series locomotives became some of the most successful designs of the age. Produced from 1970s to mid 1980s the GP40-2 was quickly found in many different tasks of the railroad. From switching to pulling high priority freight trains across the country, these versatile locomotives brought the goods to North America. Many of these locomotives are now being rebuilt with ecologically sound emission control for higher population centers. A new era emerges as technology meets proven reliability for these EMD products.

Athearn brings these representative locomotives alongside regular freight trains that were commonplace. Sharing the new golden age of railroading!

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HO Dash 9-44CW, BCOL #4646

[RND78041] DCC ready: 21-pin NEM connector

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Keeping in tradition with GE’s locomotive series nicknames beginning with the “Dash 7” of the 1970s, the C44-9W was dubbed the Dash 9 upon its debut in 1993. The design has since proven popular with North American railroads, the Dash 9-44CW shares its frame, Hi-ad trucks, 16-cylinder 7FDL engine, and 752AH-31 traction motors with the GE Dash 9-40CW.

Many North American railroads have ordered the C44-9W. They were originally ordered by Chicago & North Western Railway, Santa Fe, BNSF, CSX, Southern Pacific, Canadian National Railway, BC Rail, and Union Pacific Railroad. Norfolk Southern purchased the very similar Dash 9-40CWs.