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Athearn Roundhouse HO
50' Plug Door Smooth Side Box
CP Rail

Pullman Standard introduced the all steel PS-1 box car in several diffent sizes including 40’, 50’ and 60’ lengths. Multiple door configurations and styles made these box cars very flexible. Pullman Standard had their own signature details, such as rolled non-terminating ends, and bow-tie stamped metal roofs. These were signature elements that identified the PS-1 among the other freight car builders of the time.

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Athearn Roundhouse | HO scale 1:87 | Freight Cars

Wide Vision Caboose
Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR), CP

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Perhaps one of the most recognizable icons of American railroading, the caboose completed the train. Cabooses provide shelter for crew at the end of a train, who were long required for switching and shunting, and to keep a lookout for load shifting, damage to equipment and cargo, and overheating axles. In the extended-vision or wide-vision caboose, the sides of the cupola project beyond the side of the car body. ..../ continue