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The Powerful Logistics Pro: The ship is at anchor in the harbor and is waiting for your load. Whether it is autos or containers: Thanks to the powerful "Vectron" electric locomotive, you transport your freight with the freight train fast punctually to the loading station. The ocean giant has hardly reached its destination, and your freight train is bringing all of the goods for the final destination.

Prototype: Freight train consisting of an electric locomotive, a container transport car loaded with two 20-foot containers and an auto transport car loaded with two autos.

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Oh, là, là - the French double decker
Is intense activity dominant again on your model railroad? You can transport even more passengers through your playroom with the bi-level cars of the French TGV Duplex high-speed train. You'll also bring more variety to the rails: The new color variations and stickers make the TGV Duplex a real eye catcher!

Prototype: A high-speed train based on a TGV Duplex.

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Still More Fun with the ICE 3. You're ready for a scorching fast trip. You already have your finger on the button of your Märklin Power Control Stick. Before the departure, you first take the roof off one more time and assure yourself that all of the passengers have found their seat. Everything ready? OK! Let's go!

Prototype:A high-speed train based on an ICE 3

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How do suitcases get into the airplane?

The Jettainers stand ready for loading and your suitcase is safely loaded for the flight. All of the suitcases packed, then off with the Jettainers to the airplane. The ground crew drives the special freight carts up to the loading conveyor. Now the vacation can begin.

Prototype: Car set consisting of 2 container transport cars loaded with airport "Jettainers".

  • Two freight cars
  • 8 removable "Jettainers"
  • "Jettainers" can be opened and loaded
  • "Jettainers" can be loaded and unloaded with the loading belt on the airport building
  • 10-part set



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Welcome to the Colorful Farm...

There is a lot to discover and experience on a farm. Open the stalls and let the cows out into the pasture or ride with your horse to the fields. The hay is coming soon for the hayloft. It's a good thing that you have a rope winch and that the train stops right by you.

Farm kit for children, with four different ways to set it up.

  • 4 different ways to set up the farm
  • Creative playing 
  • Farm with animal figures, stalls, rolls of hay, and a feed silo for loading freight cars


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Up and Down!

Build your own elevated railroad. Thanks to the big building block set with 14 adapter building blocks and over 72 building blocks, you build your elevated railroad on sturdy pillars. Built up in no time at all, now trains go up and back down.

  • Building block set for the Märklin my world Elevated Railroad.
  • Great play fun by playing on Level 0 and Level 1.
  • Building and expanding the Märklin my world Elevated Railroad is a lot of fun.
  • 86-piece building block set


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Out into the Wide World
Quite a bit going on in the harbor. New freight reaches your loading station by the minute. Trucks drive directly into the hold of the freight ship using a ramp. The freight trains are unloaded using the massive crane. It lifts even the heaviest containers from a car and stows them precisely in the ship's hold. Everything on board? Well, cast off the lines!

Freight ship and harbor station with a crane with many other play functions, as a kit for children.