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DB Sgns Container Flat Car | Trix

Article No. 15530, 15531 Freight Cars - N scale
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German Railroad, Inc. (DB AG) type Sgns four-axle container flat car. "Traffic red" basic paint scheme. Loaded with 4 type XS WoodTainer containers with covers, containers lettered for the Austrian firm Innofreight, A-8600 Bruck an der Mur. Container volume 24 cubic meters / 847.55 cubic feet, for optimal weight when transporting bulk freight. The car looks as it did in 2010.

Item Number Road Number
15530 455 6 029
15531 455 6 075
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Diesel Freight Train Digital Starter Set | Trix

Article No. 11129 Train Set - N scale
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German Federal Railroad (DB) freight train. Class V200.0 diesel locomotive, type Gr 20 boxcar, Uerdingen design 4-axle tank car with a brakeman's platform, type Ssym 46 heavy-duty flat car, and type Rmrs 31 low side car with stakes.

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Electric Freight Train Digital Starter Set | Trix

Article No. 11142 Train Set - N scale
MSRP $329.99 USD

French State Railways (Société Nationale des Chemins de Fer Français, SNCF) class 22200 electric locomotive. Two different French freight cars: 1 each type Rilns sliding tarp car, 1 each type Res 90 flat car loaded with 2 convertible truck transport units (registered in France).

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Large Track Extension Set | Trix

Article No. 14301 Track Set - N scale
MSRP 119,99 € (incl. Tax) / $134.99 USD

The 14301 track extension set can be used to expand the track pattern for all new starter sets. This set comes with an additional storage siding. It can be expanded easily with the entire Minitrix track program. All of the turnouts can be retrofitted with the 14934/14935 electric mechanisms.