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16VDC for Use with Smart Controller and Sound Box
Walthers Part # 381-22083
HO scale, Retail: $28.00 (USD)
This Kato Power Supply is a great for use on standard DC layouts. It has an output of 16V DC 2.1A making it ideal for HO Scale layouts. It can also be used with the 381-22019 Smart Device Controller (in place of the supplied power supply for added power) or 381-220181 Standard SX Power Pack.

$190.00 -17.9%
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4-1/2 x 7-3/4' Setup Size - 26-3/8" 67cm Radius Curves
Walthers Part # 381-3105

Creates a basic oval made from 26 3/8" radius curves and includes both a rerailer and a Kato Power pack for an out-of-the-box operating track set. Just add locomotives and cars! The track is also just as suitable for a DCC controller and DCC locomotives whenever you are ready to migrate to DCC operations (Digital Command Control).

$130.00 -12.62%
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Remote Control #4 Turnouts
Walthers Part # 381-3113
HO scale, Retail: $130.00

HV3 Interchange track set with #4 Electric Turnouts
This track assortment provides a crossover space for transitioning between two parallel tracks using #4 electric turnouts. Includes the necessary track sections as well as a #24-827 3-way extension cord and a turnout control switch.

$110.00 -11.28%
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84 x 45" (212.6cm x 114.2cm)
Walthers Part # 381-3115
HO scale

The HV5 (previously the 3-102 basic track oval) creates a basic oval made from 21 5/8" track to fit within a 4'x8' space and includes a rerailer accessory, feeder track and power adapter cord to allow you to build a basic oval layout that can easily be powered and expanded upon.

DC or DCC: This HO Track Set is only the beginning of your HO scale UNITRACK layout! Experience the snap-together reliability and convenience of UNITRACK while enjoying the realistic appearance and texture of the molded roadbed. Each set can be used as packaged for the simplest of temporary single-track operation, or they can be combined with additional UNITRACK sections and turnouts to create a larger and more elaborate configuration.