PIKO 55821 SmartControl WLAN Basic Set (HO-, N-, TT- Scale) 120V
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PIKO 55821 SmartControl WLAN Basic Set (HO-, N-, TT- Scale) 120V

PIKO | Digital Command Control system | HO, TT, N scale

PIKO SmartControl WLAN (wireless DCC controller)
The ideal, low-priced entry into the digital world of model railways! Run several locomotives at the same time. The PIKO SmartControl WLAN has a max. output current of 2 A. If the layout grows, it is possible to add suitable boosters. PIKO SmartControlWLAN has full DCC compatibility.

The all-new PIKO SmartControlWLAN Digital Command Control system, an innovative, user-friendly, and above all sustainable DCC system developed completely in-house for the needs of the average DC model railroader 

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  • Wireless hand held controller with great shape and ideal weight and balance
  • User-friendly arrangement of controls
  • Robust rotary speed control
  • Up to 69 special locomotive functions can be conveniently controlled

Running trains, throwing switches, controlling signals, creating routes, and programming CVs has never been so easy. The new PIKO SmartControlWLAN is the perfect DCC system for beginners and seasoned model railroaders alike. And, thanks to the PIKO SmartControlWLAN modular design, adding boosters is a snap for those wanting to expand the size of their layout. The Smart Controller’s throttle features easy-to-understand symbols clearly arranged on the color display. This makes operating the SmartControlWLAN simpler than traditional DCC systems which required the user to read lengthy manuals or attend a programming course. What's more, the PIKO SmartControllerWLAN is designed in such a way that it can be conveniently operated with one hand. The PIKO SmartControlWLAN and PIKO SmartBoxWLAN are connected to each other via a self-contained Wi-Fi network. This allows the operator freedom of movement around the layout. A special feature of the SmartControlWLAN system is it allows up to four PIKO SmartControllerWLAN throttles to be paired with one PIKO SmartBoxWLAN - for even more fun with family, friends or on a club layout! 

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