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Bowser - Executive Line (HO) CP SD30C-ECO - DCC/Sound

English's Model Railroad Supply Announces CP SD30C-ECO

DCC & Sound Equipped (ESU-LokSound 5 decoder with “Full Throttle”)

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Ready To Run with Locomotive specific details: air hoses, windshield wipers, grab irons, coupler lift bars, operating headlight, window glass, fuel tank, can motor, flywheels, blackened wheels with RP25 flanges and knuckle couplers. Analog (DC) version features 21 pin plug for DCC. DCC/Sound version features LokSound V5 decoder.

Please order by Item Number:

Item Number Road Number Year of delivery Stock Status
3-60507 5000 2013 Advance Order
3-60508 5004 2013 Advance Order
3-60509 5009 2013 Advance Order
3-60510 5012 2013 Advance Order
3-60511 5013 2013 Advance Order
3-60512 5017 2013 Advance Order
3-60519 5023 2015/2016 Advance Order
3-60520 5026 2015/2016 Advance Order
3-60521 5034 2015/2016 Advance Order
3-60522 5038 2015/2016 Advance Order
3-60523 5041 2015/2016 Advance Order
3-60524 5046 2015/2016 Advance Order

The SD30C-ECOs have been delivered in two batches: the first batch was comprised of unit numbers 5000-5019 (delivered in 2013) and the second batch included units 5020-5049. (delivered in 2015/16) All of the SD30C-ECOs were rebuilt from “donor” SD40-2s and were given brand new pilots, fuel tanks, cabs, and noses, but retained the frames, steps, and trucks of their donor units. (as well as a great deal of the internal mechanical parts) The long hoods of the donor units were cut up and some components were spliced into the rebuild construction, so the rear-most section of the long hood containing the cooling fans and angled radiator grids is all new material but the section of the long hood between the rear wall of the cab and the back of the DB blister is retained from the donor unit. This means that there are several variations of exhaust hatches and traction motor blower ducts depending on which class of SD40-2 the donor unit came from. Most units in both orders were built from Canadian donor units and have GMD ladder-style steps and end platform handrails, but there are a few units mixed into both orders that were built from American donor units and have the angled steps and handrail profile characteristic of La Grange-built SD40-2s. Despite the unit-to-unit inconsistencies owing to the varied classes of the donor units, there are (luckily) a few spotting differences that are consistent between the two batches of rebuilds. Units 5000-5019 are not locotrol equipped and all feature a single tubular “radome” on the cab roof that encloses all antennae. (GPS, EOT, and radio) All units from this order have standard road numbers but no additional information or lettering on the cab sides. Horns are mounted on top of the conductor’s side of the long hood just behind the DB fans, and the bells are located under the frame on the conductor’s side, just ahead of the fuel tank.

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