ScaleTrains Operator (N) GE ET44C4 Tier 4 GEVo, BNSF 3815 /Heritage III
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ScaleTrains Operator (N) GE ET44C4 Tier 4 GEVo, BNSF 3815 /Heritage III

With nearly 1,000 units built since 2012, the GE Tier 4 GEVo is owned by nearly every Class I railroad in the U.S. and Canada.

GE ET44C4 Tier 4 GEVo
BNSF /Heritage III

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DCC ready with Next18 connector

The Operator model shares a common cab and long hood configuration and utilize the same motor and drivetrain as their top-of-the-line Rivet Counter counterpart.

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Prototype Specific ScaleTrains
  • Era: 2017 to present
  • Several different road numbers
  • Front deck-mounted operating LED ditch lights
  • Directional LED headlights
  • Printed and LED lighted number boards
  • Tread plate on walkways
  • Factory-applied air tanks, fuel tank mounted electronic bell, brake wheel and exhaust stack
  • Modeler-applied trainline hoses, 3-hose MU clusters, and uncoupling levers
  • Nathan AirChime K5HLR2 horn mounted on engine cab roof
  • Cab interior
  • Accurately profiled frame
  • 5,300 gallon fuel tank with external waste retention tank
  • GE Hi-Ad trucks
  • Body mounted semi-scale E Type knuckle couplers
  • Motor with 5-pole skew wound armature
  • Dual flywheels
  • All-wheel drive
  • All-wheel electrical pick-up
  • Printing and lettering legible under magnification
  • Operates on Code 55, and 80 rail
  • Durable packaging safely stores model
  • Minimum Radius: 9 ¾”
  • Recommended Radius: 11”
  • DCC equipped locomotives also feature
    • ESU LokPilot Micro DCC “motor only” decoder with Next18 connector
  • DCC & sound ready locomotives also feature
    • DCC ready with Next18 connector
    • Operates on DC layouts
Introduced in 2012, General Electric’s Tier 4 GEVo Series represents the latest in diesel-electric locomotive technology. The GE Tier 4 GEVo is designed to meet increasingly stringent Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) emissions regulations.

The EPA “Tier” emissions standards are a series, or Tiers, of allowable emissions levels based upon a locomotives’ date of manufacture. The highest and most stringent tier level, Tier 4, sets maximum allowable NOx and hydrocarbon emissions levels for locomotives built for domestic use 2015 onward.

While similar in appearance to previous GE GEVo designs, the Tier 4 models featured a longer frame compared to their predecessors. This allows for a larger radiator “cab” (GE refers to the various sections of the long hood as “cabs”), and a “hump” over the engine cab for advanced exhaust treatment equipment.

Initially, a boxy housing filled the entire roofline on the blue-painted field test/demonstrator units. Due to changes in treatment equipment and clearance issues, the “hump” would decrease in size and shape into a boxy compartment around the exhaust on initial production units. This culminated in an angled compartment surrounding the exhaust manifold on the latest production versions (2016+).

Despite boxier engine cab rooflines and a radically styled radiator cab, the basic Tier 4 design shares a family appearance with GE safety cab-equipped units going back to the DASH-9s of the 1990s. It even includes the same 12-cylinder GEVo-12 series prime mover and 4,400hp as its predecessor model.

The Tier 4 units have proven to be popular with the major railroads including BNSF Railway, Canadian National, CSX Transportation, Norfolk Southern, and Union Pacific. While GE has settled on a basic carbody design to keep production costs down, there are notable variations and detail differences due to customer specifications.

With many units built for railroads across the US and in Canada, the Tier 4 GEVo can be seen operating nationwide in a variety of assignments.

The HO Scale Tier 4 GEVo is made under trademark license from General Electric Transportation.
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