TRIX 66166 (HO) Building Kit for Hot Blast Towers
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TRIX 66166 (HO) Building Kit for Hot Blast Towers

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Prototype: Three hot blast towers with crane structures and lift tower and stairwell based on the prototype of a steel plant in Dortmund, Germany. Era III-V

One-time series for the theme "From Ore to Steel"

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Model: This is a professional quality industrial architectural model with all of the building parts as a kit ready to assemble. The parts for the areas of steel construction, the platform and railings, the lift tower and stairwell, and the crane structures are precision laser-cut from special architectural quality hard cardstock. The heat blast pipes, dome, and gas lines are made of special plastic. All of the parts come in a realistic base color; they can be weathered easily and can be painted further. Dimensions of the finished model: Width 445 mm / 17-1/2", length 248 mm / 9-3/4", Height 542 mm / 21-5/16" (upper edge of the charging crane).

Heat blast towers are an indispensable part of a blast furnace installation. Therefore, they belong on a prototypically-oriented model railroad layout right next to the blast furnaces.

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