KATO 3-113 (HO) Unitrack - HV3 Interchange track set
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KATO 3-113 (HO) Unitrack - HV3 Interchange track set

Remote Control #4 Turnouts
Walthers Part # 381-3113
HO scale, Retail: $120.00

HV3 Interchange track set with #4 Electric Turnouts
This track assortment provides a crossover space for transitioning between two parallel tracks using #4 electric turnouts. Includes the necessary track sections as well as a #24-827 3-way extension cord and a turnout control switch.

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Set content:
  • 2 x 246mm (9 3/4") Straight Track (KATO 2-150)
  • 4 x 114mm (1 1/2") Straight Track S114 (KATO 2-120)
  • 2 x 61mm Straight Track, S61L wedge track
  • 2 x no.3 Powered Left Turnout EP550L (KATO 2-850)
  • 1 x 3-way extension cord (KATO 24-840)
  • 1 x Turnout Control Switch (KATO 24-840_


With Kato's HO Scale Unitrack Modular Roadbed Track System, you can have an operating layout in minutes. Whether you're a beginner or expert, Unitrack offers hours of enjoyment and trouble-free operation. Suitable for all types of layouts, whether temporary or permanent. This modular track system features an integrally molded roadbed for realistic appearance. Uni-Joiners (included) lock the track sections together for easy assembly and solid electrical connections. NOW WITH NICKEL-SILVER CODE 83 RAIL

Download the PDF file - KATO Unitrack HO - Ground Level Single Track

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