Moulding Terrain

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Plaster Cloth - Triple Roll
Walthers Part # 785-1192
A scale

Get three times as much as the regular roll. Perfect for large projects. Using Plaster Cloth is a quick, convenient and lightweight method for making durable hard shell or terrain base. Accepts Earth Colors(TM) Liquid Pigment, plaster castings and scenery materials easily. Use to fill gaps around rocks, tunnels and terrain seams. Packaged in a resealable bag.

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Scenery Filler/Coating Material
Walthers Part # 785-1205
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Flex Paste bonds to wood, foam, plaster and other materials and forms a durable, waterproof surface when dry. Specially formulated for modeling, it will not shrink as it dries. It's ideal for sealing scenery, or as a road base for concrete or asphalt streets.

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Deep Pour Water™ - Clear
Walthers Part # 785-4510
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Create underwater features with Deep Pour Water and Water Undercoats for submerged water scenes or to imitate depth. Add Water Tints when modeling any aquatic ecosystem and Surface Waters for the illusion of water movement and undeniable. Deep Pour Water dries hard and won't crack, is non-shrinking, and will not become discolored over time.

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Woodland Scenics -- SubTerrain System

Hot Wire Foam Cutter
Walthers Part # 785-1435

Shape, sculpt, cut and design in foam with this handy hot wire cutter. Easy to assemble and use, it features special Nichrome wire and adjustable collars for clean, accurate cuts. Perfect for making layout scenery, dollhouses, art or craft projects and school assignments.

An optional Bow and Guide Accessory (785-1437) increases the versatility of the Hot Wire Cutter, allowing cuts in material from 1/4 to 5" thick or to cut at precise angles.

Replacement Nichrome Wire is also available as item #785-1436